We’re Leia A.P.S  and we have been in the business of instantaneous water heaters in Bhutan and is the authorized distributor for Stiebel Eltron products in Bhutan.

We bring Stiebel Eltron in Bhutan because we are inspired by technology that’s green – and highly efficient and we care about our natural environment so in order to support one of the pillars of our GNH(Gross National Happiness) we bring ECO friendly products which are highly efficient so it consumes less electricity. Take heat pumps, for example: for every 1kW of electricity used, they generate up to five kW of renewable energy by drawing thermal energy from the environment and saves up to 70-80% energy and 30-40% energy saving on other products, carbon free heaters, water heaters which provides minimum water loss and so on.

We offer our services to interact with our clients in helping them to choose the right model and also provides the best information about the wirings, current and cable sizes required for different products and models. We work with with the most renowned Architects and are constantly in touch with their project teams right from the start of the project to ensure that the electrical works for the water heaters is done as required.We also have a very well experienced technical backup that has been trained internationally by the company which ensures any problems to be taken care of immediately

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