1.Temperature Control Knob

2. Extra efficient temperature layering

3. Operation signal lamp

4. 1.5 and 2 Kw (subject to model)


6. Safety Valve

7. Slim vertical design



1. User friendly, Easy accessible user interface, and service friendly design

2. Energy saving, Due to advanced insulation technology with high density insulation foam

3. Water saving, short distance keeps loss od water to a minimum

4.Easy to install. mounting with durable hook screws as part of the delivery scope

5.Long-term durability, Tank Protection by Magnesium Anode and High Quality Enamel

6.Safe operation, Due to ELCB, Thermostat & temperature cut out as well as a safety valve

7.Modern design, with European design marks and the corporate Stiebel Eltron line

Technical Specification