1. New functions | Lifetime indicator for more convenience and safety
4 in 1 : Blinking red
2 in 1 : Blinking yellow
battery control with PCB inside
2. Design
The Rain plus reflects a unique German engineering design with a stylish transparent color that will fit into any modern kitchen as a high-quality and convenient water filter
3. 6-in-2 filters
Due to 6 high-quality filter medias combined in only two filter cartridges
4. 0.1-0.01 micron ultrafiltration
The hollow- fiber membrane in the ultrafiltration cartridges has a pore size smaller than the smallest bacteria. It removes 100% bacteria, microorganisms and some viruses for bacteria-free drinking water
5. Coral sand stone
Provides a natural calcium source for filtered water and slightly increases the water’s pH
6. Mixture of “Bamboo and Coconut” carbon
Provides excellent absorption for better taste
7. Encapsulated filter
Encapsulated filter cartridges provide an absolute safe and clean filtration process. The filter medias are protected against contamination during filter exchange and operation
8. Granular silver impregnatedcarbon powder
Granular carbon  powder improves the taste of water by reducing chlorine, trihalomethane (TTHMs) and volatile organic components (VOCs). Silver ions added to the carbon prevent bacterial growth inside the filter and keeps the filter always fresh
9. Filter replacement
The Rain+ filter system needs minimal maintenance. The filters can be changed quickly with no tools, tank, or electricity.

Technical Specification